Freiburg family chance

Parent guidance for locals and non-natives

This project is about developing chances to help families find their way in the German educational system.

Together with refugee families we would like to find out what families want, what would be helpful for them, if there are similarities, how do these look like, what differences we perceive and how we can learn from and with each other.

We designed this learning project together with our cooperation partners “Kommunikation & Medien” and the “Evangelischer Kindergarten der Lutherkirche”.

The entire process is supervised and documented by our “communication team” and flows into an “Educational guide”, which allows one to access autonomously on-site and in several languages information about educational institutions from daycare up to school, but also educational counseling, family centers, associations, etc.

Till now came into existence:
Open Café with games and sports
Creative Café
Computer Café
Time for books

At we inform about the contents, the activities and the milestones of our project.

The project “Familienchance-Freiburg” is supported in the framework of the Federal Model Program “Starke Netzwerke – Elternbegleitung für geflüchtete Familien” by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.






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