About Us

The Klara Family Center
is an institution open for women and men of all ages and origins, with or without children.

There are thousands of situations, decisions and questions that challenge us, that can be taken/answered easier or simply bring more joy in a community.
In the Klara Family Center we create such a community, a lively and social network where everybody is welcome. We encourage and support adults as well as children to actively create their own life situation, because we are convinced that everybody can and wants to contribute to a successful, caring community.

This network makes it easier

• to share and takle the everyday life,
• to actively participate in every life stage,
• to make new contacts,
• to receive support and acknowledgement,
• to develop yourself personally and professionally
• or to just take a break.

Everybody is family

Family is for us representative for all modern family models that one may find. The people that come to us mirror the multicultural reality of our city. Our open activities are a response to this diversity. They are continuously updated, together with our guests to match their current needs.

The heart of our family center is the “Open Café” according to the Mother Centers concept (Jaeckel, Tüllmann et al., German Youth Institute Munich). It shapes the atmosphere, it is an activity where one can make contacts and an educational space. There is room for development. We keep being curios, we are glad about new ideas and try new things – sometimes as pioneers and sometimes not.


Our community lives from the enormous commitment of our volunteers. To make this commitment possible, we offer child care during all our activities, we coach, support and regularly qualify our team members. We combine various arrangement and development options, coaching and compatibility with family life, which makes us downright successful promoters of community volunteer work. At the same time, our volunteers are examples for others and promote this commitment into the next generations.
We are delighted that our experiences regarding the good frame for human development, socialization and education have been lately reinforced by modern research results. Bonding, exchange of information and self-reflection are essential elements for education and participation. Exactly these elements are our strength.

The Klara Family Center is a place of everyday education and participation, from birth onwards. Since 1990 we have been sending impulses into the city, in order to make it more cosmopolitan, more united, more open towards people and families. For these goals we commit ourselves socially as well as politically in regional, national and international networks.

Everybody who is interested in our ideas and our work is invited to get to know us and to support us actively or financially.

Welcome to our Family Center!