Room letting

Are you looking for rooms to celebrate a birthday party for your children, to continue to meet your friends from the future mom course or to organize a playgroup? Your self-help group is looking for rooms for evening meetings, courses or presentations?

Our rooms are perfect for that. You can rent them on afternoons, evenings or at weekends, once or regularly.

For self-organized groups we offer a group membership and the chance to use our rooms regularly in exchange of a small contribution to our rent and operating expenses. We expect you to use our rooms responsibly and would be glad to welcome you in our Open Cafés or daycares.

Our rooms are especially attractively furnished for families with children aged 0 to 6+. There are suitable for birthday parties and for events with child care.

For the child care, we can recommend you appropriate staff.

Rooms and equipment (Büggenreuterstr. 12)

Our Café room

  • is furnished with tables, chairs, highchairs and benches and provides room for up to 15 people.
  • is about 16 m² big.

Our Ladybird (Marienkäfer) room

  • is furnished with a big couch, an “around-the-corner” tunnel, a table for children with chairs and a gymnastics ladder, platforms, rope, a swing, gymnastics mats, books and toys (for instance, Lego, toy blocks, wooden train, dolls and cuddle toys, puzzles).
  • can be used to play, draw, do handicrafts and read.
  • offers the opportunity to arrange the objects/furniture flexibly.
  • is about 32 m² big.

Our Pinke-Panke room

  • is furnished with a a big, flexible cuddle platform, a round child table with chairs and highchairs.
  • is about 32 m² big.
  • is suitable for presentations and seminars, since the furniture can be moved away.

The kitchen

  • has a stove, oven, microwave, fridge and freezer, dishwasher as well as dishes and cutlery for about 40 people.

The games box

  • consist of material for outdoor events: designing masks, tin can alley, para-balloon, etc…
  • can be provided, on demand
  • can be borrowed (fee: 5 €) without renting our rooms

Workshop material

  • White board, flip chart, scrap paper can be provided, on demand.
  • The moderation case can be borrowed for a fee of 5 €.

Price list

The price list is valid for renting all the rooms of the Klara Family Center (Büggenreuterstr. 12).

Should you want to use only individual rooms, please call our manager in advance: 0761-27 20 51.