Our Goals

We want…

… to work against the isolation of especially mothers.

Entering the family phase, the first child or relocation may change the social life of mothers and fathers considerably. Oftentimes new priorities, new demands and daily routines or a reduced professional life can lead to depressing isolation.

That is why we offer you the opportunity to get together with other parents and exchange information in our Open Parent Cafés and that way work against the isolation of mothers, in particular.

… to make possible the personal further development of parents also during the family break.

Many parents experience the family phase as a phase of stagnation in their personal intellectual development.

We offer parents the space they need to unfold, to organize their own projects or to get involved in the projects of the Klara Family Center and further develop their own skills.

… to strengthen mothers and fathers, encourage them, promote their skills and have fun doing it.

There are lots of situations, decisions or questions that challenge, sometimes even overburden, mothers and fathers every day.

Our center is a meeting point for experts. We are on a par with the others and learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge. The principle of the expertise acquired in everyday life works without a patronizing know-it-all attitude. We acknowledge and treasure this knowledge and ability. The women and men in our center support and relieve each other in everyday situations. Our guests keep the social network alive and this fulfills the same (or similar) functions that multi-generational families once did.

Our informative activities on topics such as education and nutrition are a further building block in acquiring skills and confidence.

… to draw attention onto the needs of children and families as well as to increase their social significance.

Children’s and families’ needs still have a low priority in politics and society.

We present and represent our wishes and concerns at various events, activities or in one-on-one conversations with Freiburg’s politicians and businesspeople. We cooperate in Freiburg, in Baden-Württemberg, in Germany and worldwide with associations, institutions and initiatives that follow the same goals as we do. During internal trainings and in everyday life we continuously strive to review our inner range of values.

… to offer parents a multilateral social life.

Many parents cannot attend various events, because the child care is problematic.

We always provide child care during our activities.

… to offer our children an inspiring and stimulating environment.

Oftentimes children are just “brought away”.

In our Family Center children are not only accepted, but they are at the center of our attention, just as they are at the center of our lives. We offer our children the space to gather experiences in a new environment. In the playroom there are other children, games and books than the ones back home. Children can do handicrafts, draw, jump around, sing, argue and cuddle. Those without siblings can practice their social behavior in a group. That way they can build their first friendships.

… to support women re-enter their professional life as well as to support parents reconcile their family with their work.

Reconciling family with work is still very challenging.

In our daycares we look after children from the age of two months old onwards, when the parents are studying or working. Our work at the Klara Family Center consists in office organization, personnel and event management, capital acquisition, book-keeping, etc. Every volunteer in our center can obtain a qualification in various domains through their work or trainings.

… to be a modern village well, that mirrors the structure of the current society in our neighborhood and where people can get together.

Our Center is located in a neighborhood with many families of very different ethnic and social origins.

Everybody is welcome to attend our activities. Affiliation to a social, religious or political group is neither required nor hindering.