Volunteer staff

In our center everybody can contribute and try out their own ideas: during our activities, projects, refurbishments, as a intern, during a Federal volunteer service, as a café host, in our daycares or board of directors – just dare to ask!

Your benefits:

• contact with other people
• skills acquisition, getting to know your own resources, strengthening your self-confidence
• appreciation on a personal and social level
• springboard for career and politics
• being up-to-date on family and local politics topics
• participation in social changes
• lobbying for families in your own environment

We offer:

• teamwork, mutual appreciation
• diversity in the field of activity
• certificate of acquired skills
• flexible work contents and working hours
• further trainings
• involvement in neighborhood work, in regional, national and international networks

Children are welcome – we make work with and/or in spite of children possible!