Our story






2018 Foundation of our daycare group “BiBaButze”.
2017 Changing our name into “the Klara Family Center”.
2007 Restructuring the daycare groups as a reaction to the changing needs.
Introduction of the Single-Parent-Brunch every last Sunday of each month.
2006 Attempting to break the Guinness record in pushing strollers.
2005 Stühlinger Children and Youth Prize from the Stühlinger Citizens’ Association. This prize finances the embellishment of the playground in the Drais Street.
2004 Beneficiary of furnishings and equipment for a sports and jump-around room, “Christmas-Wish Event” organized by the Badische Zeitung.
Relocation in the Büggenreuter Street 12, 79106 Freiburg. The answer to the increased need of daycare places was the opening of our daycare group “Pinke-Panke”.
Fritz-Munder-Foundation prize for successful volunteer commitment.
Praktissima-Prize from the Federal Association of Mother Centers for the special form of daycare.
2003 Changing our name into “Klara Mother and Family Center”, in order to fulfill our desire to address all family types.
2000 Joining Mütterforum Baden-Württemberg (Umbrella organization).
1996 Foundation of the play group “Marienkäfer” due to a parent initiative.
1995 Beginning of the flea market tradition on the Stühlinger church square.
1990 Foundation of the “Open Klara Mother Center” out of a mother-child-group from the Adult Education Center (Volkshochschule) and the “Mothers against nuclear energy” initiative. The cost-efficient rooms in the rear building of the Klara Street 79a gave the name of the association.